Chinese-Australian Survey: Hundreds of people everyday voting for the Premier Daniel Andrews

By Eric

Report from our correspondent, as the earlier news reports, the United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened Australia that the Belt and Road Initiative “have an adverse impact on our ability to protect telecommunications”, the US might therefore “disconnect” the communications networks within Australia. The Liberal government has also put pressure on the Victorian Labor Party by pointing to the lack of transparency in the Victorian agreement. The Sydney Post conducted a month-long survey to collect Chinese-Australians’ views on whether they supported or opposed the policies of the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.
The survey was taken from 27 May to 27 June, collected the following data:
3256 people support Andrews, 85%,
528 people do not support Andrew, 14%,
38 people do not know, 1%.
Statistics show that Chinese support Premier Andrews’ economic policies by the majority. The geographical scope of this poll covers NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and other places.
At the same time, the survey was welcomed by the Chinese. Nearly 500 people joined the relevant WeChat group to express their support for the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews.



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