Human beings never learn from history and have always being fooled!

By Kingston SE Chinese


UN is a platform set up after WWII and for the forever pease purpose, in front of the UN building, there is a statue of weapon being melt to be a plow. Unfortunately, human being never learn from history and the weapon has been improving more and more advantages and mass destroying, along with the military industries gain a huge profit and influence for policy makers. Also, the ideology or value forged into human being’s mind has split the world and has been used and manipulated by the small interests group and cause many wars has been brought after WWII and maybe the WWIII. I have said only Buddhism is the final destination as oneness for all the beings, any ideology or value is the poison and has kidnapped for all the beings and been using as tools to bring disaster back to beings themselves.

(From Facebook Kingston SE Chinese)

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own


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