The Year of the Tiger 2022 – Kung Hei Fat Choi, Australia and friends from around the world!

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The Chinese New Year, the traditional festival of the Chinese people, is celebrated on 1 February and this year is the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is a symbol of the kingly and dynamic nature of the Chinese zodiac. On the occasion of Chinese New Year, THE SYDNEY POST, a mainstream Australian Chinese media with a global readership, has invited friends from Australia, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany and many other countries to give their Chinese New Year messages and wishes to the Chinese people in Australia and around the world.

In no particular order.



On the occasion of the New Year 2022, I and our ACBA wish all my fellow Chinese in Australia and around the world a happy and prosperous New Year. We wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year and a safe and happy New Year. We hope that our fellow Chinese around the world will further strengthen their ties, help each other and unite as one in the development of their country. If you need help in Austria, we are here to support you! You can find our contact details on our association website: and [email protected] I wish you all the best and hope that your family will be happy and happy.

ACBA Austria-China Business Association Zhang Hongdige (Vienna)



In the past year, the Netherlands, like the rest of Europe, has been hit by a severe epidemic that has affected the business and livelihood of many Chinese. But no matter how difficult the road has been, the Chinese have had the strength and confidence to fight the epidemic, and the Dutch windmill tulips are world famous. May the new year be a smooth one for all mankind. May we soon see the return of a colourful life with many flowers. The tiger is alive and well.

Dutch Chinese businessman A Hai (Rotterdam)



I am Ding Enli, Vice President of the European Chinese Newcomer Writers Association. I live in Germany.

The year 2021 is a magical year and the year of the tiger 2022 is here.
On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I wish all my fellow Chinese in Australia a prosperous Year of the Tiger! Let’s leave the epidemic gloom in 2021, and let’s hope for all the good things in the Year of the Tiger!

Ding Enli (Hanover), Vice President of the European Chinese Newcomer Writers Association



The past year of our lives has brought us reflection and insight, making us appreciate what we already have. We cannot reverse what has happened, but from now on, every decision we make also affects the future. Let’s start with the little things around us, learn to love ourselves, love life, respect every life and pray for the future of the world. As the new year approaches, I join the Sydney Post in wishing you all good health, mind and body and a sense of well-being.

Shuo Zhou, former Deputy Mayor of Ryde, NSW (Sydney)


The past year has been one of challenges for many Australians, particularly Chinese-Australians, in that time I have made many new friends and received community support and encouragement from around Australia. Whilst I achieved a victory against unjustified persecution and racism the fight goes on!

I am proud to say many of my good friends are members of Australia’s Chinese community, I wish them – and all Chinese community members – health, happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Tiger!

Marcus Reubenstein (Sydney) Editor, APAC News 


Chisholm constituency Carina, here to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Good New Year to all the residents of Chisholm and to all our Chinese friends!

I am Carina Garland, the Labour candidate for the Chisholm constituency in the current federal election, and I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

As we ring in the Year of the Tiger, I know that every resident in our community has many different experiences and feelings as they reflect on the past years.

In my interactions with the residents of our community, I hear the longing for family and togetherness. With the ravages of the new crown epidemic, expensive international flights and the complexity of the quarantine system making reunions a difficult task, everyone was looking forward to being with their families again.

I also heard everyone’s anticipation of prosperity and abundance. During the three years when the coronavirus was raging, I witnessed our small business owners, workers, staff from all walks of life, struggling with the uncertainty of the industry. In the midst of the crisis, there was a thirst for renewal and prosperity.

I also learnt that people have a vision for the future. We want the next generation to have good resources and education, we want to be able to grow old in Australia, we want our careers to flourish and our families to be happy and stable.

I would like to say that it is my goal to meet the needs of each and every resident in the Year of the Tiger.

I have learnt that the tiger represents courage, determination and justice in the Chinese zodiac. I am confident that with this spirit, we will emerge from the gloom of the New Crown pandemic and be reunited with our families once again, that we can revitalise our economy and that we will continue to reform and improve our social welfare system.

Finally, on behalf of all the staff and volunteers in my office, I would like to thank you for your contribution to the Australian community. I wish you the best of luck in the Year of the Tiger, and I hope you have a great life and a great career.

Carina Garland Labor candidate for Chisholm in the federal election (Melbourne)


My name is James Martin – State member for Stretton(QLD). Wishing all Australians of Chinese heritage a very happy new year for 2022 – the year of the Tiger. 2021 has been challenging for many of us, and like you I hope for a much better 2022 for you and your family.

James Martin MP State Member for Stretton(QLD) 


The Chinese phrase my partner taught me expresses my intentions best, ‘ Xin Nian Kuai Le Gong Xi Fa Cai ‘ I know that I speak for all people of good will in wishing Chinese people in Australia and elsewhere regardless of where they live the very best for the coming year.
I think we would all agree that for a number of reasons life has been more challenging than many of us would normally have expected. Whether it be Covid related stresses or tensions between Australia and China. Both have figured prominently in the media and both have been subject of misinformation.
These two issues have impacted every person in Australia to varying degrees.
I want to many Chinese friends and the wider Chinese community that there are many ‘foreigners’ of good will who are very keen to see the corona virus relegated to history and for positive relations to be restored between our two countries. At the ‘street level’ we average people get along well. So should it be at the national level.
There’s no point in denying that there are people with racist views here in Australia. Denial doesn’t make it not true. These views can impact negatively on our relationships. I know from my own experience as a son of immigrants, that people with these views are in the minority and that the vast majority of Australian people welcome newly arrived residents and visitors. Together, voices of intolerance and unity will be make racism ineffective and marginalise it to the edge of society where it belongs.
I am proud and pleased that my partner is Chinese. We didn’t decide our relationship based on racial criteria but, it has been a very positive additional benefit. In the last decade, I have experienced and learnt a great deal about China both its past and it’s current context. This has happened through friendships and active involvement in the community. I have come to appreciate the diversity of foods, music, cultures across China including being fortunate enough to visit on half a dozen occasions. Every trip has been so enjoyable. I have been warmly welcomed, treated with kindness and generosity every single time.
Thankfully, we are all different an bring different experiences and perspectives to our relationships. Diversity in my view is a great characteristic to be celebrated.
May we all have a peaceful, successful, happy and healthy year.

John AmadioCase Manager/CounsellorPost Care Support Service Relationships Australia.  


Firstly, I would like to wish every Australian and our entire Chinese community a happy Chinese New Year in the auspicious year of the Tiger!

Although I am spending the Chinese New Year in Adelaide this year, I still carry the same enthusiasm to celebrate this Chinese New Year with friends and family here in Australia.

Australia’s Chinese community forms a significant ethnic and cultural minority in our nation and every Australian should, no matter their ethnic and cultural origin, recognise and cherish the contributions the community makes to our diverse multicultural nation.

I eagerly anticipate seeing more fantastic contributions from Chinese-Australians this year, and hopefully, we can reunite with our families no matter where they are in the world!

Jack Butcher, PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Adelaide


A hundred blessings are always in store for you, and the auspicious clouds and riches gather for the New Year. The ancestral roots of the Dragon Lineage will never be forgotten, and the children of Yanhuang will celebrate the New Year together. The New Year is a time of renewal and prosperity. On behalf of the Australian Women’s Association AWUA from Sydney, I would like to wish our fellow Chinese nationals around the world a Happy Chinese New Year! I wish you all a happy, healthy and safe Chinese New Year, a happy family and a successful career!

Looking back at the past year, the epidemic spread and health and freedom became extra precious to us. Chinese people at home and abroad have overcome the difficulties together and helped each other. The Australian Women’s Union’s donations to medical staff in China and Australia, the Henan floods, the Australian hill fires, vulnerable children and women in domestic violence, and various other compassionate help encouraged in action a sense of ownership and active participation in national affairs among Chinese people in Australia. the AWUA 2021 Annual Conference was the first time a women’s group held an event at NSW Parliament House, and women are playing an increasingly important role in society. We hope that the State Government will continue to support and promote multiculturalism and provide better services to residents. We will be working with more charitable organisations in the future, with a humble heart to receive the teachings of the years and a reverent attitude to the future. I wish everyone in 2022 to grow downwards and upwards, to live up to their lives and to themselves. Health and beauty, and all the best!

YetingWang (Nancy), President of Australian Women United Association (AWUA).


The toughest 2021 is behind us and we look forward to a peaceful 2022 for the nation. Happy Chinese New Year from the Sydney Jing Yun Tang! A very auspicious Year of the Tiger! Good health and prosperity!

Founder of the Sydney Jing Yun Tang, Wu Yan, a renowned Peking Opera artist (Sydney)


As the New Year approaches may we all be as strong as tigers and be on top of epidemic protection, the government has given up, we cannot give up. In the words of the instructor, if we lose people and save land, we will lose both. If we lose our people, we will lose our land. This land can be interpreted as wealth for our individual families. So in the face of this once-in-a-century epidemic I do not wish you great fortune. The most important thing is your health. Without health, no amount of money can buy you back. I wish you all good health in the new year.

Chinese small business owner Davidlhy (Melbourne)


The Sydney Post, a Chinese language newspaper, wishes the Chinese and Australian communities around the world a happy, healthy and prosperous Year of the Tiger! We also wish all the athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympics good luck and welcome the Year of the Tiger together!

Founder of THE SYDNEY POST and Auhomegarden/Chinese columnist Lao Xiao (Sydney)


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