New Year’s Day Feature: First Voices of the New Year! 2022 New Year’s Message from Outstanding Chinese Across Australia

By Eric


As the year 2022 begins, the Chinese media THE SYDNEY POST  invited distinguished Chinese from Victoria, Western Australia, Canberra, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales to give their New Year’s Eve speeches.

There were many Chinese New Year messages, including those from Ms Hu Mei in Melbourne, Mr Huang Shuliang, who has been a migrant for over 52 years, and so on, while those from a group of young Chinese intellectuals in South Australia were mixed, reflecting the current situation of the Chinese intellectual elite. In general, the testimonials are a reflection of the sweet and sour feelings of the Chinese in Australia, as well as a positive and optimistic spirit for the future.

In no particular order.


As the New Year rings in 2022, we look back on 2021 as a year of hardship and grief, but also of positive endeavour and hard struggle.

The past year has seen the continued ravages of the new crown epidemic, constantly testing the resilience and resistance of humanity. In the course of the year, five of my close friends and family members have left me one by one. Some of them were far away from home, others just a stone’s throw away, but I was unable to travel abroad, visit them in hospital, be at their bedsides or even attend their funerals. All I can do is to light incense and candles, so that the smoke can convey the grief and thoughts of my friends and relatives in heaven.

2021 was also a positive year as we at the Australian Chinese International Arts Festival, together with Uplive and Sisterhood United Arts Association, successfully organised the Mrs World 2021 Australia series of events. Due to the epidemic, we were unable to host the event with much fanfare. But the organising committee worked together and put their best foot forward. The borders were closed, so we held the event within Australia. Social gatherings were banned, so we held the preliminary rounds online via the Uplive live streaming platform. With city closures, curfews, quarantines and home stays, the ladies set up battle in their living rooms and bedrooms, showing off their best selves in all their glory.

Looking ahead to the new year, I would like to offer my best wishes to the motivated and hard-working ladies! In the epidemic, you are doctors and nurses, wives and mothers, you have given the most and received the least. You have love in your hearts, not only for your children and your families, but also for the community and the people. May the human beings who have gone through trials and tribulations be stronger, more optimistic and more appreciative of life in the new year.

Let us light up the skies of 2022 with the smiling faces of 2021.

Let us cleanse the landscape of 2022 with the tears of 2021.

Let us choose the road of 2022 with the longing of 2021.

Sending blessings for 2022 with a string of songs for 2021!

— OAM Hu Mei, President of the Australian National Women’s Association and President of the Australian-Chinese Alliance (National Order of Australia) (Melbourne)


In the midst of the ever-expanding epidemic and its effects, it is with great admiration and respect that I, as a Chinese, witness overseas Chinese upholding the same tireless and respectful spirit that the Chinese people have on a daily basis, helping each other in all fields and in times of difficulty. I wish the overseas Chinese in 2022, more health, beauty, richness of life, spiritual cohesion, good health and all the best.

— Wang Oriole (Melbourne), Executive Chair, Mrs World Festival Australia



I hope everyone will take care of themselves in the new year and be healthy and well protected against diseases. This is an election year, I hope the new government will improve the situation where the community is not too friendly to the Chinese and take care of the Chinese community, after all, the Chinese have been living in Australia for over 200 years, have contributed a lot and deserve respect.

—Huang Shu Liang AM (Member of the Order of Australia), Honorary Life Member of the ACT Multicultural Forum and Honorary President of the Canberra Australian-Chinese Association (Canberra)



The year 2021 rushes by amidst the topics and matters related to the New Crown virus such as sealing off countries, sealing off cities, sealing off states, unsealing, resealing, wearing masks, limiting social distance, unsealing social distance, online charity lectures, offline counselling, cloud performances, – all of which are not related to the New Crown virus. We overseas Chinese living far away from our families also reached the end of 2021 in a huddle of thoughts for our friends and relatives, safe from the spread of the virus. In 2022, we will no longer be terrorised by the virus, we will resume our visits to family and friends, we will resume our normal lives and work, we will resume rational travel and leisure, and in 2022, we will continue to realise our dreams in the company of the New Coronavirus. , praying and contributing to the well-being of our country, our families and humanity.

— Hui Sing Sing, Founding President, IWILL Volunteer Alliance Australia (Brisbane)


The year 2021 will be an extraordinary year for human beings all over the world, especially for us Chinese and overseas Chinese living overseas, working for the development of our own countries of residence and ancestral homeland. As the New Year approaches, the President of the Australia-China Culture and Economic Promotion Association, Mr Zheng Zhiwu, and all his colleagues wish you all good health and happiness!

— Zheng Zhiwu, President of the Australia-China Culture and Economic Promotion Association / Permanent Honorary President of the Queensland Henan Hometown Association (Brisbane)


The hard-working and simple style of the Chinese in Australia, the active measures to protect themselves in the face of the epidemic, and the exploration and inheritance of Chinese traditional culture constitute a bright landscape of Australia’s multiculturalism. In the coming Year of the Tiger, I wish the Chinese Australians to continue to carry forward their fine traditions, to be active and enrich themselves, to be healthy, to have all the best of luck and to have a prosperous Year of the Tiger!

—Rotary Club Sunnybank Branch President Chong Eng Sun (Brisbane)


Hello Chinese Australians, my name is Niu Tao and I am the President of the Australia-China Business and Trade Promotion Association.

—Niu Tao, President of Australia China Business Council (Brisbane)


Looking back at 2021, it has been another challenging year. Looking forward to 2022, I wish all Chinese in Australia double the happiness and double the success!

— Celine Xi (Brisbane), State Parliamentary Assistant for Stretton Constituency, Queensland



Western Australia

Everything can be done over again, but not health. As the Year of the Tiger approaches us, on behalf of the Australian Chinese Women’s Chamber of Commerce and on my own behalf, I would like to wish every Chinese, especially women, good health, happiness, love, career and peace of mind.

— Lawyer Lily Chen, President of the Australian Chinese Women’s Chamber of Commerce (Perth)


South Australia

Relations between Australia and China are still quite tense, mainly because Australia follows the policies of the United States. And the strained relationship between Australia and China has had a negative impact on both economies. In fact, the industrial chains of China and Australia are complementary and the tensions have had a negative impact on both industrial chains.

—South Australian Chinese Young Graduate Student Salon member A (Master of Flinders university working in trade between China and Australia)


As Chinese who have acquired Australian citizenship, we basically identify as an ethnic minority in Australia. I hope that all of us Chinese can have a diverse cultural identity, which can be based on our country of residence. We hope that our Chinese identity will be an advantage for us, as we speak Chinese and understand Chinese culture, which will help us to gain an additional perspective and wisdom of the world.

— Chinese Young Graduate Student Salon Member B (UniSA Postdoc, University of South Australia)


I hope that Chinese people in Australia can pass on Chinese culture, even if only as an ethnic minority culture. I hope that Chinese people can become a positive image of Australia. Because we understand both Chinese and Australian culture, we can do our best to be a bridge between China and Australia, which will ultimately help to build friendly relations and trade and commerce between the two sides. It will help to build cultural ties and reduce misunderstandings and differences.

I hope that from 2022 onwards, the Australian Research Council will no longer ask us to fill in the following fields on all research project applications: whether we are associated with the Chinese government, Chinese public universities … Have you had contact with the Chinese government or Chinese public universities? If so, please give details.

All of us Chinese researchers in Australia believe that the above question is somehow racist.

—South Australian Chinese Young Graduate Student Salon Member C (Senior Professor, Adelaide University)


< To the Unknown 2022 – Science and Engineering Men

A beautiful woman with a beautiful body

Adelaide University of Science and Technology has produced a flowery speech

If not for the ban on writing in the East Factory

If not for the ban on writing and writing, the screen would be filled with the words of the plum in a bottle.

—D (PhD, University of Adelaide, industry, research and technology entrepreneurship practitioner)


In 2021, the epidemic brought challenges to everyone in all aspects. All the directors of the Australia Asia Business Association (AABA) faced the challenges with courage, worked together, and made positive contributions in promoting harmonious coexistence and recreating a prosperous South Australia with hard work and positive energy. During the epidemic, the ACBA organised a series of 16 successful events to help revive South Australia, which were highly commended by the community and recognised by the government and society. 2022 will be an even more challenging year, and the ACBA Council will be united in the fight against the epidemic and continue to contribute to the promotion of multicultural and harmonious living in South Australia. harmonious living in Australia, as well as tourism, education, business and trade in South Australia, attracting investment and boosting the local economy for a better future! I would like to wish you all a positive outlook on the challenges of the epidemic in the New Year, working together and uniting for a better tomorrow! I wish you all good health, happiness and good fortune for the whole family!

— Xiao Dong, President of the Australia Asia Business Association (AABA) (Adelaide)


The Association is the largest Chinese community in South Australia and is a registered charity supported by the Federal and State Governments. 40 years on, it has been dedicated to the Chinese community and Chinese language education, in the tradition of “the old and the young”. As 2022 approaches, the 22nd Council of the South Australian Chinese Association (SACA), led by President Zhang Yanxia, wishes all Chinese in Australia a happy and prosperous New Year!

–Adelaide Zhang Yanxia, 22nd President of the South Australian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry


The Australian China Business Council (ACBC) is the leading platform for business relations between Australia and China, with many of the best known brands in Australia and China as members. ACBC is business-focused, providing advice to Australian government agencies at all levels and information/platform/training support to its members. The ACBC will continue to promote economic and trade cooperation between Australia and China based on the principles of mutual benefit and respect.

On behalf of the ACBC South Australia Chapter, I wish all Chinese people good health and family happiness as we welcome the new year. We look forward to working together with our Chinese business friends to show our heroic spirit in the midst of the sea.

—Vice President ACBC SA Chapter Jing Li (Adelaide)


New South Wales

Hello friends, as we approach the New Year 2022, I would like to wish you all the best of luck and prosperity. I would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement in my successful election to the City Council on December 4 this year. I look forward to your continued support and good interaction over the next less than three years in office. And I wish the Sydney Post the best of luck.

— Benjamin Cai, Independent Councillor, Strathfield, NSW (Sydney)


Before we know it, it has been two years since the epidemic began. We are entering a new year at a time when the world is on the brink of an epidemic, environmental pollution and war, and we are all living in a global village, regardless of colour, race, nationality or religion.

—Zeng Hanchao, President, Australian Digital Photography Association (Sydney)


New Year’s Message: The year 2022 is approaching, and on behalf of all the members of the group and the International Arts Academy, I would like to extend our sincere greetings to all the Chinese people in Australia. I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

— Zheng Lili, Director of the Australian Oriental Song and Dance Troupe (Sydney)


On this New Year’s Day, I would like to send my heartfelt greetings and wishes to all my friends for a healthy, happy and prosperous family and career, and for a better year!

—Daisy Zhou (Sydney), Vice President of the Australian Group Leaders Association


In the New Year, I hope the Chinese community will work hard to build Australia. The Sydney Post will continue to speak out in defence of Chinese interests, while monitoring government governance for Australia’s development. We wish the Chinese community a New Year of

A hundred-foot pole, a hundred-foot pole, a hundred-foot pole, a hundred-foot pole, a hundred-foot pole.

A fruitful garden, a garden full of flowers!

–Lao Xiao, Chinese columnist/founder of The Sydney Post and Auhomegarden (Sydney)



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