Philadelphia mother of a Chinese girl: Asian lives matter too

By World Journal


The schoolgirl’s mother (second from right) and her relatives were interviewed by the media and were distressed by her experience. (Video screenshot)
In a widely publicized case of Asian hate violence on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Expressway (SEPTA), four African-American high school girls verbally assaulted three Asian high school boys on a Philadelphia underground train, and a Chinese girl who went to intervene was then beaten to the ground. She is an advocate of “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) and hopes that the lives of Asians will be equally valued.

The case is being investigated as a racist crime, and the 18-year-old student is still seeing a doctor for treatment for the swollen and bleeding left eye she received for her bravery. The mother said that her daughter respects people of African descent and supports BLM.

Mei Lu, the girl’s aunt, says that although the community has shown a lot of love and care since the news broke, and people have even called her a hero, her mother is still heartbroken by her daughter’s experience, “a hero who has paid a terrible price”. She spoke up and stood up to the abusers to stop them.

The case has attracted the attention of the Chinese community, with a source saying that the brave girl, a native of Changle, Fujian Province, whose uncle is an active member of the Philadelphia Chinese community, will be honoured by the city for her bravery.

The three Asian boys were criticised by many for not fighting back, but the source said it was not the first time they had been bullied; two abusers attacked the boys in the evening of the 16th, pouring drinks on them for no reason.

The boys were so scared that they did not dare to fight back again.


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