Latest data: China bans Australian coal US supply has soared 870.6% to become China’s largest coal source

By Eric


The United States has continued to supply coal to China since 2021, filling the supply gap that emerged after Beijing banned imports of Australian coal, as evidenced by the latest trade data released.

North American coal mining companies overtook Russia as the largest source of coking coal supplies to China in September 2021, with the US and Canada increasing their coal supplies to China by 870.6% and 92% respectively, RIA Novosti reported on 26 October.

In the first nine months of 2021, the US expanded supplies by 870.6% to 7.2 million tonnes and Canadian supplies grew by 92% to 6.6 million tonnes. Russian coal mining companies also increased their supply by 77.4% to 7.7 million tonnes.

According to Chinese customs statistics, US and Canadian coal exports to China have increased by 870.6% and 92% respectively since the beginning of 2021,” noted the Russian newspaper Kommersant. This became possible after a ban on imports of Australian coal, which is now being redirected to other Asia-Pacific countries. Russian companies have also expanded production, with China set to become their main sales market in 2021. US and Canadian brands do not exceed Russian coal in terms of quality, but the lack of transport capacity has had an impact on significant export growth.”

Another assessment by the Russian Energy Ministry is that Russian coal production will grow by 6% to 425 million tonnes in 2021 and that China will become the main market for Russian coal in 2021.

Sputnik specifically mentioned that 28% of Australia’s coal supply is exported to Japan and 21% to China. Australia earns $14 billion in exports to China, including coal, metals and wine. In the current situation this is a huge loss for Australia.


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