It’s become Australia’s number one party and is swelling at a rate of 500 people a day – are you still sitting down?

By Lao Xiao


In recent years, Australian society has taken a sharp turn to the right, with the mainstream of society being predominantly anti-Chinese. Even the left-wing Labor Party is shying away from “public opinion” and is also being led by Murdoch’s nose. Even the left-wing Labour Party is shying away from “public opinion” and is being led by Murdoch’s nose.

And there is a recent news story that has been ignored by many Chinese and hardly anyone has heard the alarm bells ringing.

The male version of “Hanson” Palmer, notorious for his anti-immigration and anti-minority presence, recently told the media that his United Australia Party (formerly Palmer United Party) is now the largest political party in Australia, with 70,500 members. It has 70,500 members and is growing at a rate of 500 a day.

Palmer said the United Australia Party had become the undisputed, largest party in Australia in terms of membership, with many of them being former members of the Liberal, Labor and Greens parties who realised Australia needed a new direction.
Palmer revealed that the United Australia Party will have candidates in every upper and lower house race next year. The current leader of the United Australia Party is Craig Kelly.
Kelly, a former Liberal MP, quit the Liberal Party in a fit of rage after being criticised by the party for posting fake news on social media in February this year, and switched to Palmer’s United Australia Party.
It is easy to see from leaders like Palmer and Kelly that the party is very bad and is a far-right party.
The right-wing Liberal Party, after all, has a small number of people who can think properly, but this United Australia Party, however, is a party that may not be able to think.
Look at Palmer, the loudmouth, with his rampant desire to take seats in the upper and lower houses, challenging the Liberals and Labor, and especially challenging the current third largest party, the Greens.

What is frightening is the rate of growth of this party, which is expanding by 500 people every day, reflecting the growing discontent with society, and the target of this discontent is undoubtedly the Chinese.
The expansion of the United Australia Party is also a reflection of the inaction of the mainstream Australian political parties, which are so focused on how to cooperate with the US and UK diplomacy that they have no time to care about developing their own membership.
What is this? This is it.

The only good news is that Pemma himself is not running – after all, at 67 years old, the tycoon still wants to live longer. But even so, the Australian community, especially the Chinese community, should not underestimate the ability of the United Australia Party to “fuck up” the Australian political scene in the future.

In fact, Penma’s ability to “fuck up” is far greater than that of the Liberal Party and the Labor Party. This is evident from one incident.

Earlier, many Chinese people received text messages on their mobile phones from Pema’s United Australia Party (UAP), saying that they were anti-vaccine and how this party knew the mobile phone numbers of so many people. Also, over the past period of time, when people watched programmes on Youtube, they saw United Australia Party advertisements inserted and even appeared in the Hong Kong media (precise placement based on the reader’s region).

All these are easy to see that playing the war of public opinion and psychological warfare, the United Australia Party is not below the level of the Liberal Party, and the real earthy Australian is the Labor Party. In a battle between a villain and a gentleman, it is always the gentleman who loses out, let alone the toerunner.

With the United Australia Party becoming the number one party in Australia, it has definitely become a political force to be reckoned with in Australian politics. Although the number one party is not the same as being able to govern, once it becomes a bargaining chip for the two parties, the political effect is not much different from being in power.

In the face of the rapid rise of the United Australia Party, an extreme right-wing party (which is threatening to replace Hanson’s One Nation Party), we cannot rule out the emergence of many ridiculous and outrageous political ideas and arguments in Australian society. And these ideas and arguments will certainly be aimed mostly at ethnic minorities.

Penma has already pointed out that Australia needs a new direction, and what new direction is that? It is not clear if the United Australia Party’s so-called new direction will be to restrict the development of ethnic minorities, and whether permanent residence will be abolished in disguise.

The question of how to counterbalance the more right-wing United Australia Party is already before the educated people.

The only way for the Chinese to defend their social status and minority rights is to make their voices heard with the ballot box. This is the only way to save themselves politically. In the long run, it is to push Australia towards a republic.

In the long run, the second is to promote Australia as a republic, to eradicate white supremacy, and to make Australia a truly democratic and egalitarian society.

Chinese people generally prefer to stay away from politics, resulting in a lack of Chinese spokespeople in the political arena, with political parties playing into the hands of Chinese people without paying the price.

The truth is that the moment you vote, you are already involved in politics, because that vote is your political position. Politics is inescapable.

Chinese, it’s time to wake up!

It’s time to wake up when mainstream television, associating war with concentration camps, with the Chinese.

It is not alarming that the White Australia policy will resurface at any time. If the Chinese continue to cower and wear the emperor’s new clothes, then there will come a day when they will swallow the bad, bitter fruit!


(Chinese columnist)


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