Alley Bowen shooting case|Deputy director said prop gun was safe to use beforehand, didn’t know it was loaded with live ammunition

By Eric


Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin was injured when he accidentally shot a cinematographer with a prop gun during the filming of a movie. According to Santa Fe County court documents, the assistant director handed Alec Baldwin the loaded gun before the accident and said it was safe to use. The assistant director was unaware that the prop gun was loaded with live ammunition.

Investigators obtained a warrant on 22 October to search the set of the film Rust where the incident occurred and to examine the cameras, negatives, memory cards or other video recorders used in the filming. The bloodstained costume of Ally Bowen at the time of the incident was also evidence in the case. Other guns and ammunition were also taken by the investigators.

According to a written statement submitted to the court, the guns were prepared by the film’s armourer and placed on a trolley on the set. The assistant director then took the gun from the trolley and handed it to Eli Bowen, telling him that it was safe for him to use.

The bullet fired by Eli Bowen hit cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the chest and hit director Joel Souza in the back, causing him to be shot in the shoulder. It is not known how many bullets were fired at the time of the incident. The shell casings were later removed by the armourer and handed over to the police. No one has been charged.

For the sake of realism, real guns may have been used in the filming of the movie. Real guns can fire live or blank bullets. Even empty bullets can be deadly when fired at close range.

The Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the matter, reported that workers involved in the film’s production had complained about pay and treatment, long working hours, safety and accommodation arrangements. Earlier this week, the crew went on strike in protest. But there is no evidence to suggest a connection to the incident.


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