American model spends 5 years overcoming anorexia, but director finds her fat and shakes her clothes off to sue

By Eric


It took her five years to regain her health, and she gained 15.8kg. She lost her voice and cried.

According to the Daily Mail, model Anna Gantt cries in the video, saying that she started modelling at the age of 15 and that she had to control her diet in order to maintain her slim figure, but she never expected to lose weight and become anorexic.

She said that many people consider modelling to be their dream career, but only a few are naturally thin, and that “every model is constantly losing weight”.

In the video, she also lifted her shirt to reveal her flat stomach. In response to the director’s comments, her self-confidence collapsed again and she couldn’t hide her anger and even gave the middle finger in front of the camera, blasting “fuck models and fuck the fashion industry”.

The video has gained popularity and has been viewed over 9.2 million times since its release, with plus-size model Tess Holliday praising her in the comments, “You’re amazing, it’s the industry that needs to change, not you”.



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