3703 more new cases confirmed in a single day

By Eric


On Saturday (9), there were 3,703 confirmed cases of New Coronary Pneumonia (NCP) in Singapore, exceeding 3,000 for the fifth consecutive day and breaking the record for the highest number of cases in a single day.

Of the new cases, 2,868 were community cases, 832 were from migrant worker hostels and three were imported cases. There are currently 1,569 patients in hospital, 302 of whom require oxygen, five fewer than on Friday (8), and the number of patients in intensive care units has dropped by one to 40.

As of midday last Saturday, there were 124,157 cases in the country.

The outbreak has worsened in Singapore after the country adopted a coexistence strategy with the New Coronavirus. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong explained in his address to the nation on Saturday that in the past, efforts to avoid infecting people had led to a “zero” strategy, but with the emergence of a more infectious variant of the virus, Delta, it was necessary to change the strategy to coexist with the virus and continue to live as normal as possible.

Mr Lee said that as Singapore’s understanding of the New Coronavirus has improved, it has adjusted its prevention strategy accordingly to cope with the changing situation, adding that with the New Coronavirus vaccination, New Coronavirus is “no longer a dangerous disease for most of us”. He reiterated that Singapore could not afford to close the city and its borders indefinitely, and that the number of cases was expected to continue to increase in the coming weeks, placing a considerable burden on the healthcare system, but that the number of patients would one day stabilise and begin to decline.


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