The US, Japan, India and Australia are putting pressure on China with military exercises in the Bay of Bengal this week

By Eric


The quadrilateral security dialogue between the United States, Japan, India and Australia continues to counter China on all fronts. The US will send its aircraft carrier equipped with F35C stealth fighter jets on a cruise in the Western Pacific and the South China Sea during this year’s Marabal Sub-Joint Military Exercise in the Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean this week.

The Indian media reported on Saturday (9) that the second phase of the Malabar Joint Military Exercise will be held from Tuesday (12) to Friday (15), which is larger than the first phase held in Guam in the Western Pacific at the end of August this year, and will involve the US Navy aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson and the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force helicopter carrier Kaga, which will be converted into an aircraft carrier. The exercises will include anti-ship warfare, anti-aircraft warfare and anti-submarine warfare.

U.S. Secretary of Naval Operations Gilder, who is visiting India this week, said on Friday (8), “There is no doubt that India is one of our closest strategic partners and that our relationship is a bastion of freedom and openness in the Indo-Pacific region. He welcomed the continued cooperation between the two navies in the Indo-Pacific region, which will enhance cooperation between the two militaries, maintain security, stability and prosperity, and establish a broad, free and open rules-based order.

The new US Secretary of the Navy, Carlos Del Toro, revealed on Tuesday (5) that a national strategic guidance document will be released this week with specific plans on how the US Navy and Marine Corps can maintain global maritime dominance, strengthen strategic partnerships and successfully deter the Chinese threat, with the consolidation of global strategies and partnerships as a strategic guiding principle.


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