Chinese students entering Los Angeles with restrictions on their freedom are deported again

BY Eric


The Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles said on Friday that a number of Chinese students were recently deported to the United States after having their liberty restricted for dozens of hours upon arrival at the airport there.

According to the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles, some Chinese students were repeatedly questioned by US border officials about their purpose of study in the US, their past academic performance, whether they had been employed, whether they had been disciplined, whether they had “plagiarised” lab data, etc. Some were also threatened and intimidated. In addition, some Chinese students were questioned by US law enforcement officers on their return to China and had their personal electronic devices confiscated.

The Consulate General of China has made serious representations to the US side on this issue and urged the US side to rectify its mistake and stop using various excuses to impose unwarranted restrictions and suppression on Chinese students. At the same time, the Consulate General reminds international students to raise their safety awareness, pay attention to the risks they may encounter when entering or leaving the country, strengthen precautions and deal with them properly.

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in the US said on 29th of last month that a Chinese student entering the US was subjected to unreasonable interrogation and harassment at the airport in Houston and was restricted in his personal freedom for more than 50 hours, and was eventually repatriated via a third country for unfounded reasons. China criticized the U.S. side for continuing to interfere and obstruct exchanges and cooperation between the two sides in the fields of education and humanities, which is to the detriment of others rather than oneself.


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