French ambassador blasts Australia for lying for a year and a half

By Eric


The French ambassador to Australia, Tebow, who was recalled earlier, on Friday accused Australian officials of lying to him for a year and a half, and that Australia’s secret agreement with the United Kingdom and the United States to build nuclear submarines had increased the risk of confrontation in Asia, undermining mutual trust between allies, while admitting that he had to deal with the rise of China.

In an interview with the US media in Paris, Tebow said that Australia’s approach to its allies would resonate in the region and that a confrontational mindset would not be conducive to peace and stability in the region, so it should not be confrontational. He questioned how the Australian officials he worked with could lie to him, and said that when they first negotiated a submarine contract with France in 2016, they had refused to build a nuclear-powered submarine, opting instead for a diesel-powered one, and that the Australian side should at least be open and honest.

China’s rise and climate issues

He also mentioned during the interview that France would turn to cooperation with other credible allies in the region, including India, Japan, South Korea and New Zealand. The French presidency of the European Union on January 1st next year will prioritise the inclusion of a military component in the EU’s Indo-Pacific strategy, which must address the rise of China and climate change, and stress the importance of international rules, respect for human rights, freedom of navigation and national sovereignty.


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