Several Chinese nationals in Britain suspected of being attacked over race

By Eric


The website of the Chinese Embassy in the UK announced on Tuesday (28) that a number of Chinese nationals had been attacked in Cambridge and Sheffield recently, with most of the victims being Chinese students. The embassy said it had made representations to the local police and the schools concerned, asking them to do their utmost to solve the cases. The embassy also reminded local Chinese nationals to be more vigilant when going out and to try to get away as soon as possible if they encounter provocation.
The Chinese Consulate General in Manchester’s WeChat public website posted on Monday (27) that a number of Chinese students had been attacked in Sheffield recently. The Chinese Consul General in Manchester wrote to the Chancellor of the University of Sheffield, urging the university to take decisive measures with the police to bring the criminals to justice and protect the personal safety of Chinese students. It is reported that the police have arrested one of the suspects.
Another incident involving a Chinese student was also reported in Cambridge, UK. The incident occurred at around 7pm on September 18, when a 25-year-old Chinese man, a graduate of Cambridge University, posted on social media that he had been beaten up and suffered a broken nose and multiple injuries to his face in a racially motivated confrontation with around 10 white British youths.
Chinese students studying at the University of Sheffield said there had been seven or eight serious incidents of violence against Chinese students at the university since the 20th of this month, with female students being the main victims, according to internal media reports. On April 25, a Chinese female student was racially abused and violently assaulted by a white woman in Sheffield. A local female Chinese student said that the incident made her worried about going out.


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