Sydney ends 107-day city closure as people go out to celebrate

By Eric


The Newcastle Pneumonia Virus (NCPV) has been rampant in Australia and the government has been taking strict measures to prevent the disease for some time. As the rate of infection continues to rise in Australia, with over 70 per cent in New South Wales, Sydney has seen its first unsealing in almost four months. Many people have been out of their homes since the early hours of Monday morning, celebrating the lifting of the seal.

Sydney has finally seen its first relaxation of the vaccination schedule after 107 days of closure, as the vaccination rate in New South Wales has reached 70 per cent, in line with the Australian government’s need to unblock the route. Some people went to bars and shops in the early hours of Monday morning (11) to celebrate the lifting of the closure and to go out and enjoy themselves.

With the lifting of the home restriction, people were able to travel up to five kilometres away from home to be with long-lost family and friends. Those who have completed vaccinations are exempt from most vaccination restrictions and Sydney’s cafes and restaurants are once again packed with people, as are public places such as re-opened gyms, libraries, swimming pools and nail salons.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet warned that there was a high risk of an upsurge in confirmations and hospital admissions, but stressed that the health system had been working for weeks to address the problem. Vaccine passports are not currently available in NSW, so it is up to shops to check the vaccine status of their customers.

Sydney has been closed since June in response to the new coronavirus Delta (Indian variant), and other major cities such as Melbourne and the capital Canberra have also been closed for the disease. Canberra was unsealed on Friday (15th) due to an increase in vaccination rates, while Melbourne is expected to wait until the end of the month.


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