Australia should develop an asymmetrical military, go nuclear in the wrong direction and run up a huge debt to the detriment of the country’s fortunes

by Lao Xiao


The Liberal coalition government has concealed from the public the development of a nuclear military agreement, even if it has offended Europe by conning the European Union. The public is in an uproar over the revelation of this incident.
Two points must be made clear.

First, nuclear-powered submarines are military, not civilian, and are nuclear weapons in the broadest sense. It is not a peaceful use of nuclear energy. It is not the same in nature as a civilian nuclear power plant. Even if they were, they would be opposed by anti-nuclear activists. Because of the risk of contamination from nuclear leaks. The Tokyo nuclear meltdown was a lesson.

Secondly, nuclear-powered submarines are certainly not subject to IAEA oversight. Because it is a military secret.

If you are clear on these two points, you will not be fooled by right-wing or military illiterates.

In the author’s view, Australia is a small country with a small population, and it is most and only suitable for the development of military high technology, of the kind of asymmetric military force, to achieve four or two pounds, rather than the development of hard military.

Australia is not a traditional military power, World War I, World War II and the Korean War were all fought with human and sea resources. However, due to a lack of politicians over the years, in recent years politicians have treated Australia as the “51st state” of the United States, treating the United States as their godfather and the United Kingdom as their godfather, without treating themselves as human beings.

Therefore, the military dependence on the United States is very serious, and it is almost the fault of both parties.

In the author’s view, Australia wants to have a foothold in the military. Developing a nuclear military is a step in the wrong direction, and it is only right that an asymmetric military should be developed.

What are the types of asymmetric military? As far as is publicly known, such as high-tech unmanned warplanes, cyber attack forces, stealthy high-speed missile speedboats, laser weapons, and even space military.

A model country is Israel. Israel is in a geopolitical and military environment that is a thousand times worse than Australia’s, and it has not developed a nuclear military force.

Australia is located in the South Pacific, far away from the North, and is best positioned as a neutral country, with its main wealth developing its economy, and its military developing high-tech asymmetric weapons for self-defence, so it does not need to rely on the US. At the same time, it would cost much less than developing a nuclear military.

The most fatal aspect of dependence on the US is that it draws fire.

The development of a nuclear military, such as a nuclear-powered submarine, would be a long-term use of enormous national resources. Australia, under the Liberal Coalition government, is already burdened with the largest debt in its history, it is no longer rich, and the country’s infrastructure is backward not to mention developed.

Australia will pay a national price in the future if it does not change course on the military path in time.

IPAN Australia is a truly patriotic organisation that campaigns against Australia’s nuclear submarines, against Australia’s domination by the US, and against the cost of war to people’s livelihoods. On the contrary, the Liberal Coalition government is a traitor to the country.

The current Liberal Coalition government, and indeed the Labor Party, have been “kidnapped” by the US, Britain and the Murdoch press.

Does Australia belong to Australia or not? Australia calls for a generation of leaders to come out and save Australia!

The author is a grassroots current affairs commentator/Chinese columnist


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